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Sunset Over Manhattan Through A Bridge

T.H.E. C.L.U.E.S. are déjà-vu-life wanderers with keys to open unhinged doors of reincarnation; on a mission to shift global consciousness toward Oneness; forced to face an explosive challenge: saving humanity from self-destruction.


T.H.E. C.L.U.E.S. are karma—a battle with the status quo; the wild-ride of eight wanderers living a déjà-vu-life brought to New York City by an out-of-this world experience, mementos depicting Suffragettes, and psychic visions spark a new phenomenon: art imitating life; an intentional symbolism beyond hidden Easter-eggs and the obvious; from the past, in the present; an invitation to lift the veil into a paradoxical paradigm where even the biggest skeptics become open to accept the reason behind fortune cookies being handed out for seemingly no reason and a church's cheeky message board being the profound wisdom to align mind-body-soul; where you do not need to be a pirate to have found treasure within the messy playground of life—fusing all we’ve ever known with "as seen on tv"—a compass to blur fiction, fantasy, and reality; a revolution; a new genre: enlightening entertainment—a powerful change in consciousness and virtue to inspire and empower—character and audience—to save humanity from self-destruction.


In new cities but still faced with the chaos of life—Caren Gilbert, an eclectic-aura of optimistic-whimsy who starts everyday with a fortune cookie instead of a job—Teala Azulé, the first Hispanic Chief Astronaut blinded by stubbornness without an ability to do anything unplanned including conversations with strangers—serendipity forced collision of  yin-yang—discover the universal law of karma—learn you can not outrun secrets when you move to New York City. 


Walking from one messy playground of life to another, Caren, head in the clouds and drama in her DNA, collides with Teala, feet firmly planted on the ground and generationally skeptical, while Caren retraces a few foggy memories from childhood and Teala hides a glitch-like spectrum of color disorder, both begin questioning if the world is not what it appears to be.


In a chaotic world, not all who wander are lost; some are just looking for directions. Caren begins to accept her flaws and faults, Teala takes one giant leap for mankind by changing her perception, and the result is a dual expansion of consciousness: déjà vu as the missing pieces of life's bigger puzzle; strength in numbers as a reunion blast off an enlightenment shuttle—to live as our most authentic self—an initiative for global change in both character and viewer alike so that we may save humanity.

T.H.E. C.L.U.E.S
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T.H.E. C.L.U.E.S.
Cosmic Sky
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The psychic reading
that changed everything

Image by Social History Archive Of Two Women in the 1920s era


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